Welcome to RootSea!

This creatively evolving site serves as a landing pad for the shifting offerings, inspirations, and intentions of RootSea, the heart-child of MaRiza Zee Baker.  I lovingly invite you to explore this site and see what you find!

RootSea offers:

Intuitive Bodywork,

Creative Process Facilitation and

Transformative Meditation Guidance.

And now with great excitement I am delighted to introduce, drum roll please, our newest addition to the RootSea family: The Mother Branch!  I am so excited to officially announce this new chapter of my practice in which years of contemplation, training, and experience have coalesced into this series of new services dedicated to helping mamas be creative and cared for.

Some of you have inquired as to the genesis of RootSea as a name.  The name that many in my Portland community know me as is Riza which is a shortening of my given name, Mariza.  In Greek “Riza” means root and in Portuguese “Mariza” means from the Sea.  So in short, I decided to name my practice after myself, since my practice changes as I change and my continued evolution is mirrored in what I have to offer in the realms of healing, reflection, space holding, and creative expression.  Please check out my new blog to read up on what is current in  my world!

Statement of Inclusivity:

In my practice I aim to create a safe and affirming environment for all.  This includes folks of all gender expressions, sexuality, and lifestyles.  I have had the great honor of working extensively with the Queer and Trans Communities here in Portland.   RootSea will continue to be dedicated to providing a safe and healing space for queer families and individuals on their journey.

You can contact me with questions or to schedule an appointment at:

rizazee@gmail.com   or    971 . 221 . 9312

MaRiza C. Zee Baker LMT #12720

Woodpecker Farms

6516 SE 92nd Ave

Portland, OR 97266

Artwork by Lanz Travers

“When a great ship is in harbor and moored, it is safe, there can be no doubt.  But. . .

that is not what great ships are built for”

~Clarissa Pinkola Estes, Ph.D.

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