Welcome to RootSea!

The biggest baby to be born by RootSea thus far, in collaboration with so many, including; the lovely ladies of our Blossoming Mamas network, the fairies at Woodpecker Farms, and especially my talented and driven partner in creation,Tim Noyama-Zee, is the birth of the Healing Cottage and Community Classroom at Woodpecker Farms!!!  This structure, built from the ground up is starting a loving revolution here at Woodpecker Farms and beginning on January 1st, 2016 we will officially be opening the doors to the Woodpecker Farms as the location for a very special Community Cooperative.  A collective of healers and teachers have been working diligently to ground this vision with the power of our hearts, so the intention can stay true.  We intend to create a space for healing, exploration and change, one that through our service fund, will be accessible by all.  Come join us in this fun process and find a warm home for your own process of exploration, seeking, and discovery!  

December 5th, 2015 will be our official opening fundraiser and holiday bazaar!  More details to follow!! 


The Advanced Skills Training Series is the newest offering through RootSea.  I am very excited to begin the 4th round of this 10 week course on January 5th, 2016.  This class aims to help the student by introducing you to a wide range of meditation, self-discovery, and energetic tools for self care and the care of others.  By the end of the class you have a solid foundation from which to grow your own practice in self-evolution.  I have been profoundly touched by the changes I’ve witnessed in participants in terms of empowerment and self knowing.  A beautiful unfolding awaits!

Each class group is limited to 8 participants and meets on Tuesdays from 10am – 1pm.  Several participants have been able to not only get time off work for this class, but even get the class paid for by their employer!  It has far reaching benefits for many lines of work and counts as 33 contact hours for massage therapists.

If you are interested in being placed on the list for the next round, please do let me know via email!


Statement of Inclusivity:

In my practice I aim to create a safe and affirming environment for all.  This includes folks of all gender expressions, sexuality, and lifestyles.  I have had the great honor of working extensively with the Queer and Trans Communities here in Portland.   RootSea will continue to be dedicated to providing a safe and healing space for queer families and individuals on their journey.

You can contact me with questions or to schedule an appointment at:

rizazee@gmail.com   or    971 . 221 . 9312

MaRiza Noyama-Zee LMT #12720

Artwork by Lanz Travers

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