For 14 years Riza has been offering individual and group healing to support you in your journey towards your Truest nature.  Now she has birthed a new business that is taking this work further.  For the past 7 years Riza has used the phone as a means of working with clients from around the country with one-on-one mentorship and facilitation work.  She has used the computer to help her teach groups skills of meditation, grounding, ceremony, and healing.  Now she is using video conferencing to connect to clients across the globe and bring her message of awakening to the world!  

Check out the newest incarnation of RootSea at FullAwakening.net

and join the rEvolution!

Full Awakening!-3


Statement of Inclusivity:

As always, I aim to create a safe and affirming environment for all.  This includes folks of all gender expressions, sexuality, and lifestyles.  I have had the great honor of working extensively with Queer and Trans Communities and so particularly attuned to creating a loving environment for that spectrum of experiences.   RootSea will continue to be dedicated to providing a safe and healing space for queer families and ALL individuals on their unique and splendid journey!

You can contact me with questions or to schedule an appointment at:

rizazee@gmail.com   or    971 . 221 . 9312

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