Rebirthing Time

Here I sit, almost 16 months after the birth of my child, Ivan.  (To read the back story of how Ivan came into my awareness and then into my life, visit the “About Riza” page.)  The process of becoming a mother has been one full of discovery, challenges, surprises, and new-found commitment.  Time and my shifting perspective has been one of the biggest transitions of this period of my life.  I am finally coming to the place where I have the space and grounding to re-enter my professional life in a full and committed way.  I am ready and excited to share all that I have learned and gathered from this transformative and initiatory experience as “Mama”.  As the primary caregiver to our young one, I will still only be working one to three days a week, maintaining what I think will be a good balance for our family at this time.

Speaking of time, the way that time moves around a baby is very different from what is experienced by adults.  My friend Alison and I used to call it Eternity Time.  When her first child was born 8 years ago, I observed with awe the way that time moved in her presence.  Sloooowly.  Each moment yawning out into the next, a continuum of little moments, holding, sleeping, burping, feeding, changing (clothes, diapers, emotions, and positions).  I have experienced this myself with Ivan, and what has been most surprising is how quickly time passes when time moves slowly.  I have felt each moment deeply, like a diversely textured cloth rubbed between my fingertips, and yet in the flash of eye 16 months have gone by.  My little baby who once curled up like a snail on my chest is now a toddler who runs wildly around the house, taking pots and pans out of the cabinet while I’m cooking, trying to catch the dog and put on her leash and bringing me my shoes when it is time for a walk, displaying a growing understanding of the world around him.  What is clear to me through all of this is that time is not linear or even consistent, it is flexible, subjective, and creatively up to interpretation.  In the spirit of this understanding, I will post blog entries here and while they will be posted in a linearly descending order, the content will weave and spiral through time and space, touching upon a variety of topics both personal and professional.  These subjects will be plucked in their prime as they rise from the depths of my consciousness to be brought into the light of awareness.  I hope and intend for these entries to nourish your soul, give you permission to take pause in the waterwheel of your day-to-day, and to experience some new idea or possibility to aid you in your journey.  I welcome your comments, suggestions, and requests for topics to explore.

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