Three Layers of Self

The work that I offer people moves through three layers of being, from most tangible to most subtle.  And I would like to take a moment to discuss the relationship between the physical and energetic realities that we experience and how these relate to each other and to my work.

We could start with an examination of the most physical: Bodywork.  Hands-on healing talks to the body, the densest part of us.  Outside of acute physical pain from sleeping in a funny position, or picking up that box in a weird way, our body tells old stories.  In our connective tissue is written every step, mis-step, and bruise.  Every twisted ankle, every surgery, and even every hurt feeling.  Often people are surprised by what they feel and remember as they receive bodywork.  The body is asking to unwind, to let the spirals of story and the dissolution of all the calcified parts of us to be witnessed.  The body yearns for balance and flow, like a river running from the mountain to the sea, the body wishes for fewer obstacles keeping it from its destination.  The role of the bodyworker is to hold a safe space, to listen to the stories of the body, and to move the matter of the body so that it can heal and move forward.

Moving deeper, Creative Process Facilitation opens up the realms of the mind, the heart, and the consciousness of an individual.  Certainly these subtler realms of a person are reflected in the body as well, but this type of work allows for an individual to explore and externalize what is of current significance for them, what is the “stuff” they’re working on?  Verbalizing, being reflected, and receiving feedback can all be extremely helpful in processing this moment in time and removing any potential dams being built inside that would slow down the flow or create internal turbulance.  The natural internal imbalances that occur as a result of Life, if gone un-checked and un-noticed, eventually show up in the body as dis-ease and dis-comfort.

And finally, we have Guided Meditation.  On the most subtle level we have the creative imagination, the dream reality of an individual.  This is the place where a person meets their higher consciousness and is able to gather the tools to affect change within their internal reality, and thus affect their outer reality as well.  We talked about the physical to subtle layers, but we can also perceive this as the passive to active scale.  Meditation and active creative visualizing being the active end of the spectrum where you are setting aside the time and effort to create change, gather your power, and know yourself in a grander sense.

All of this work is important, and I always encourage my clients to address both the physical and subtle levels of self-care when embarking on a conscious path with themselves.  I work with people in many different ways, honoring where they are right now, from touching lightly upon one of these areas of self-exploration and self-care, to delving deep and using all the tools I have in my kit.  It’s up to you!  I am always glad to offer a recommendation and refer my clients to other great practitioners too, so that people can really design a practice that works for them.  If you are interested in other types of services I can recommend, visit my Community Network page.

And above all, stay connected to your Self.  To who and what you are right now, who and what you would like to be, to what you share with the world, and what you are here to create.  We are all a vital part of the whole, with wholeness reflected within us.  Seek wholeness, seek balance, seek support!

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