Sometimes at the bottom of the wave

we can’t see the Light

we can’t even conjure a memory of the Light

and yet

the Light is always there

waiting for us at the surface of the water

and we must trust

that we will see it again

All of Life’s transitions are this way

we must leap

from one self

to another

And sometimes the crevice between

what was

and what will be

is so deep

and wide

and we are not sure if we can make it to the other side

Sometimes the other side is shrouded in mist

we don’t know if we will land on solid ground

or even what we will encounter once there

We must wrap ourselves in the shroud of courage

believing that if we are brave enough to meet the challenges that are presented to us

eventually it will get better

Life will be beautiful again

and the Light will return

Sometimes life presents us with such challenges

that we literally have to fight our way back to the surface

We have to make the choice to be here

To face this human existence and

to Thrive!

One Comment Add yours

  1. Debbie says:

    So profound and true. Thank you for sharing your beautiful words.

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