Advanced Skills Training

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The Advanced Skills Training aims to help the student by introducing you to a wide range of meditation, self-reflective, and energetic tools for self care and the care of others.  By the end of the class you will have a solid foundation from which to grow your own practice in self-evolution.  I have been profoundly touched by the changes I’ve witnessed in participants in terms of empowerment and self knowing.  A beautiful unfolding awaits!

*This class is currently on hiatus!  We are working on publishing the AST Process Guide so that folks can do this work as Self-Study until our next class takes place.  

Several participants have been able to not only get time off work for this class, but even get the class paid for by their employer!  It has far reaching benefits for many lines of work and counts as 33 contact hours of continuing education for massage therapists.

If you are interested in being placed on the list for the next round, please do let me know via email!

A testimonial from an AST student: 
Advanced Skills Training has made my life less confusing, more grounded and stable. I feel less at the mercy of events as they happen in my life and more able to deal with the complexities life throws at me daily. Through my meditative journeys, I’ve learned about my shortcomings and strengths and about all the magical and ancestral help that is available to me. In recreating my life and world, this class gave me real tools to use in that creative process. The environment is safe to discuss past traumas. Riza is wonderfully kind, open and understanding and a great help in guiding you to a place of self-healing.” ~MD