Hope Seed Project Circles

We will hold a Hope Seed Project Circle once a month on a Saturday to help reconnect us to ourselves, each other, and the Earth.

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These circles will be held at

The Healing Cottage at Woodpecker Farms ::: 6516 SE 92nd Ave Portland OR 97266


Our next circle will be in honor of the Summer Solstice and be held on

Saturday the 18th of June from 4-8pm

The Solstice Community Circle will be a collaboration between Riza, leading a Hope Seed mediation, and Dagmar Luenser performing the shamanic art of Sound Healing (**see below for more details).  The healing work contained in this circle is given free as a gift to the community and in service to the Earth.

There will be two sessions of the circle to support our community members with young children.  To accommodate the inclusion of our collective little ones, the adults will be split between two circles and spend the time when they are not in circle eating and providing guardianship for the children on our land and in the home.  We ask for your participation in helping to make this ceremonial work accessible to all by participating whether or not you are bringing children of your own.  This act of service is a beautiful gesture of kindness towards the betterment of the whole and we appreciate you for being willing to receive and give care in this way.

We lovingly ask a few things:

::: Reserve your spot for this event as space is finite.  Email us at heartpulse@woodpeckerfarms.org:::

::: Bring a heartfelt food item to share :::

::: Consider making a donation for the benefit of the Woodpecker Farms Collective and the maintenance of the Healing Cottage :::  

We thank you!


**A brief description of the work of Dagmar Luenser:

In the way of the shamanic tradition, Dagmar will lead you through a sound journey to help release blocks and discordant energies, restore a sense of wholeness and well-being and connect you with your own inner guidance.  Through the sound of her voice, shamanic tools and instruments such as drums, rattles and singing bowls, rituals unfold that awaken your heart’s intelligence and serve as a gateway to transformation and awareness.

Dagmar is a sound and energy healer with a private practice in SW Portland. Trained in shamanic work, sound healing, Spiritual Response Therapy and Reiki, she helps individuals come into balance and connect more deeply to their soul’s path.

To connect with Dagmar directly and set up a private session:

Dagmar Luenser, 503-490-3671