(Re)Membering Warrior Woman

Introducing the birthing of a new series:
“(Re)membering Warrior Woman ~ Making This Body Whole(y) ” 

This series has been postponed until early 2017.  If you are interested in exploring this work individually or expressing interest in the upcoming series, please contact Riza at rizazee@gmail.com

In the container of sacred ceremony, we will explore the Warrior Woman Nature innately woven into our bodies 
and present throughout our journey within each phase of Womanhood;
Maiden, Mother, and Crone
Across the globe, in nearly every culture, women are being dismembered
physically, visually, and emotionally.  
We have been taught that our bodies are only worth what they can produce
and how they are able to arouse the sexual desires of others.  
While we look to others to affirm our love-worthiness,
we are left wondering where our power has gone 
and why we don’t have the right to create our own sense of embodied wholeness.  
Male attention and approval has been culturally framed as a vital resource and our relationships to our sisters has become an antagonistic and harmful competition for this power.  Meanwhile we are filling ourselves with judgements and opinions about how well we and others fit into the current model of physical acceptability.  
And through this all, it would be easy to assume that the body is the enemy.  Our bodies are not the adversary.  
Our bodies hold the keys.  
The keys to life, creation, and rebirth.  
Women sitting in sacred circle naturally create community, support, and witnessing.  
This is a huge part of our birth-right power as women that has been stripped away from us.  
We are snake goddesses shedding our skin,
birthing ourselves into ever-evolving phases of life and death, 
and it is time for us to see and claim this power as our own. 
You are invited to join in the voyage of discovery; 
(re)membering our bodies back into a whole, 
sharing our stories of power, 
creating exploration art, 
and healing our deepest wounds.
We will employ art, story-sharing, shamanic sound healing, movement, and guided meditation to traverse this sacred road. 
You may take this work as a series or as a drop in (though pre-registration will still be required)
*Generally the class will meet from 12pm – 4pm at Woodpecker Farms in SE Portland, although some classes will be a field trip and the September class is planned as weekend retreat. . . 


Reciprocity Options:
$40 drop-in tuition per class
$200 full series tuition (payable in chunks)
*The July and September classes will have a modest additional fee 
(July will have the additional cost of about $25 for the purchase of a bowl at Pottery Fun, and September will have lodging fees still in negotiation.)

Reserve your spot for a specific class or the series by emailing Riza


*This work is open to women past, present, and future . . . meaning we welcome everyone who currently identifies or has in the past identified as female regardless of biology and anatomy

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