Individual Services

I have been in private practice since 2003, offering clients with Intuitive BodyWork.  What I offer in this arena has been learned through training at the Swedish Institute of New York, through personal exploration of the connections between consciousness and form, as well as through the compassionate tutelage of several beloved teaches.   I include among these valued mentors, Allison Bradley PhD, Susan Moebus LMT, and Carrie Taylor LMT.  To learn more about what one of these sessions may include, visit the bodywork page.

In 2006 I was trained as a Blue Fire Facilitator and began to offer this new service to the community.  The Blue Fire Project’s “Original Design” process is one of self exploration, meditation, and self-motivated evolution and has informed the basis of what I now offer through Creative Process Facilitation.

As of March 2010, I have been delighted to offer my clients Guided Meditation based on introspective experiences I have been having since 1992.  In the past several years I have had the honor of working with a variety of teachers such as  Hank Wesselman PhD (author of the Visionseekers trilogy) and Robert Beatty of Portland Insight Meditation community and many beloved others.   To learn more about the benefits of engaging in a meditative process and what you might expect to experience, go here.

Naga Kanya

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