Meditation can have many different faces, a variety of intentions and paths.  Through mindfulness meditation one might seek to slow down the mind, to bring awareness to the many thought forms and emotions that flow through the river of our consciousness and meet them with benevolence and non-attachment.  Journey meditation on the otherhand would engage our creative centers, and as the name indicates, take us on a journey into the body, into the earth, or into other layers of reality altogether.  Toning meditation uses sound and visual creativity to tone and activate the various energy centers of the body.   Together we will explore issues of current significance and create a process using these and perhaps other modalities to provide the tools you need to grow and evolve into your next level of self.  I intend to offer opportunities to weave a path of initiation from current levels of experience into the core of being.  Becoming ourselves, more and more with each passing experience, is the greatest gift we can give ourselves and the world.  Through guided meditation, creative mentorship, and practical exercises the participant will learn how to become her own personal source of guidance and continued evolution.

You can contact me with questions or to schedule an appointment at:    or     971 . 221 . 9312

MaRiza Noyama-Zee   LMT #12720

Woodpecker Farms

6516 SE 92nd Ave

Portland, OR 97266

A note regarding my rates


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